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Our physician specializes in Otolaryngology, the medical and surgical therapy of problems of the ears, nose and throat. This includes the following areas, as well as many others not listed:


Ear infections in adults and children­ medical and surgical treatment
Hearing loss - hearing testing, surgical treatment of hearing loss and fitting of hearing aids
Evaluation of hearing loss in infants with examination and Auditory Brainstem Response
Surgical correction of ear deformities - aquired and congenital
Tumors of the ear - benign and malignant


Medical and surgical treatment of sinus problems - including endoscopic sinus surgery
Nasal and sinus allergy testing and treatment
Surgical correction of developmental and traumatic deformities of the nose
Snoring, sleep apnea - medical and surgical therapy
Tumors of the nose - benign and malignant


Vocal cord, speech, and swallowing problems
Medical and surgical treatment of airway and breathing problems in adults and children
Benign and malignant tumors and infections of the neck and throat


Surgery of ear, nose, throat, neck and skin of the face

Post-Op Instructions
Pre-Op Instructions



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